Game of Thronesseason6

The Red Woman

At the Wall, Jon experiences a miraculous resurrection at the hands of Melisandre. Reuniting with Sansa, he departs from the Night's Watch. With the support of the Wildlings, loyalists, and the Knights of the Vale, they triumph over the Boltons, leading to Jon being hailed as the King in the North. Meanwhile, beyond the Wall, Bran undergoes intensive training with the Three-eyed Raven, facing an onslaught from the White Walkers. When the Three-eyed Raven perishes, Bran assumes the mantle, escaping with the help of Hodor, who sacrifices himself in the process. Through his visions, Bran uncovers Jon's true lineage as the son of Lyanna Stark and Crown Prince Rhaegar Targaryen. In Braavos, Arya persists in her training with the Faceless Men but eventually departs, returning to Westeros with a vendetta against Walder Frey. In King's Landing, Cersei orchestrates the destruction of the Great Sept using wildfire, resulting in widespread casualties, including the High Sparrow, Margaery, and Loras. Tommen takes his own life in response, and Cersei ascends to the throne as Queen.
8.4/10Year 2016