Game of Thronesseason4

Two Swords

In the heart of King's Landing, Lady Olenna discreetly poisons King Joffrey during his wedding to Margaery, implicating Tyrion falsely in the murder. Despite his innocence, Tyrion is unjustly accused by his own family and faces a guilty verdict. However, Jaime and Varys conspire to facilitate Tyrion's escape to Essos. Before departing, Tyrion takes justice into his own hands, ending the life of his father, Tywin. Simultaneously, Petyr Baelish orchestrates Sansa's escape to the Vale, ruled by her aunt and his paramour, the widowed Lysa Arryn. Baelish weds Lysa but later turns on her, leading to her demise. Arya, in her quest to reunite with her family, boards a ship bound for Braavos in Essos. Back at the Night's Watch, Jon Snow defends Castle Black against a formidable Wildling army. Stannis Baratheon intervenes with his forces, rescuing the Watch from impending defeat.
9/10Year 2014